Test Your Knowledge of The Beatles With a New Puzzle Book Based on Yellow Submarine

Hero Collector/Amazon
Hero Collector/Amazon / Hero Collector/Amazon
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If you're the type of die-hard Beatles fan who still listens to Abbey Road from start to finish regularly and knows who "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was actually named after, chances are you'll be able to ace this new puzzle book based on Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles Nerd Search: A Yellow Submarine Puzzle Book—by artist Bill Morrison, who also wrote the graphic novel adaptation of the movie/album—features 44 pages packed with activities for fans to pore over. Here, classic moments from the movie are distorted and reimagined with various errors and hidden clues to unearth.

Along with that, each puzzle also features the motor from the Yellow Submarine hidden somewhere in the chaos and a visual pun that relates to a song from the album for you to identify. Your goal is to find everything—every continuity error, misplaced Blue Meanie, Easter egg, and song—across all eight full-colored spreads. And if you want to start a competition with other Beatles fans, you can face off and keep score to decide who knows the movie the best.

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Be sure to check out The Beatles Nerd Search: All You Nerd is Love: A Yellow Submarine Puzzle Book at Eaglemoss Hero Collector and Amazon for $15.

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