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Even though it comes out today, the 10 Issue is our “September issue.” It’s the one we plan and scheme for all year, and fuss over until the last minute before it goes to press. That’s because if there’s anything we take seriously around here, it’s a really good list. And the 10 Issue is all about the lists.

We take special pride in cramming 10 of everything into each feature in this issue. So this year you’ll read about 10 of the most shocking mis-uses for electricity in history, 10 of the most audacious acts of journalism committed lately, and 10 clever (and not so clever) ways our nation’s commanders in chief popped the question. Among other things.

There are at least 10 reasons you’ll love this issue (especially if you’re as entertained by know-it-all meerkats as we are), but I’ll leave you with just one: if you click here, you can check it out for free. (And if you already know you’ll love it, you can subscribe for real here!)