Now You Can Smell Like Carlsberg Beer With New Grooming Products


You enjoy the taste of beer, but would you like to smell like it? Denmark-based brewery Carlsberg, which controls 8 percent of the international beer market, and Danish cosmetics company Urtegaarden aim to answer that question. The two companies have teamed up to create a whole slew of men's grooming products made with beer. Carlsberg Beer Beauty features shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion that are made with a half-liter of beer for each 250 ml bottle.

If the beer's former slogan, "probably the best lager in the world," isn't convincing enough, there are health benefits for washing with beer: It's packed with Vitamin B and Silicium, and hops are known for decreasing dandruff and giving your hair a natural shine.

"Studies have shown [beer's] benefits for skin and hair, so this made sense," Carlsberg's international media director, Jim Daniell, told Adweek

The Beer Beauty combo goes for nearly 64 euros, or $73, so it might be more cost efficient to just visit the nearest pub instead.