Lithuanian Town Crowns "Most Beautiful Goat"

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A Lithuanian village celebrated its 645th anniversary the way all villages should: with a goat beauty pageant.

Ramygala is located about 75 miles north of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and has fewer than 1700 residents. Many of those residents turned up to help crown a local goat the most beautiful out of seven contestants. It was the sixth such contest, called the "Goat Parade."

According to Ukraine Today, residents really loved the contest.

"There are beauty contests for girls, so why not for goats?" Marius Daniela, a resident credited as a goat fancier, said.

The top goat was Marce, a dark-colored goat decked in flowers. His owner said that he didn't need much preparation for the contest, because most of the things he did in the contest, he already did at home. According to videos of the ceremony, he refused to wear his crown, leaving his proud owner to receive the award instead.

This occasion isn't completely wacky—the goat has been a symbol of Ramygala since medieval times. If you're looking for what may be the best footage of beautiful Lithuanian goats to exist, check out the video below.