Dolly Parton’s Debut Perfume Is Back in Stock—Here’s Where You Can Still Get It

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Jason Kempin/Getty Images / Jason Kempin/Getty Images
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Dolly Parton has lived a life filled with stories and music. Her career has spanned more than six decades and led her down many paths, from creating her theme park Dollywood to donating over 100 million books to children through her Imagination Library program.

Over the summer, the country music star tackled yet another new venture, partnering with Scent Beauty to release her first fragrance, the aptly named Dolly: Scent From Above. As Rolling Stone reports, the perfume broke sales records and sold out within days of its release. Ever since, it's been hard to find online, but you can get it right now at Walmart for $40.

Dolly Parton/Walmart

Dolly: Scent From Above is bottled in a chic pink vial that's topped by a butterfly—a nod to the singer's classic '70s hit, "Love Is Like A Butterfly"—and features her signature engraved on the side. The scent is filled with middle notes of garden flowers like jasmine, lily of the valley, and vanilla orchid. To contrast this floral explosion, the top notes include citrus and berries like blackcurrant, mandarin, and pear (you get peony too, so the floral notes are still prominent). There are also base notes like sandalwood, patchouli, and amber to balance everything out. When using the scent, the brand suggests spraying it about three to six inches away from clean, dry skin along pulse points like the inner wrists and neck.

This wildly popular fragrance has already made fans happy, with plenty of reviews starting to pop up online. "This is a great smelling perfume and [lasts] a long time. I love the smell and it's [not] very expensive[,] for the money you pay it's worth every penny," one customer raved. Another shopper who was cautious about buying the fragrance without smelling it first was thrilled with the purchase. “Miss Dolly's perfume did not disappoint! It's so unique,” they wrote.

If you or someone you know is a Dolly Parton fan, make sure to head to Walmart to get a bottle of Dolly: Scent From Above for $40 before it sells out again.

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