Hate Cold Winters? Build Your Own Two-Person Sauna For Less Than $3000 on Amazon

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Those who love to craft and make things themselves like shelves, sweaters, and books can now take on a new challenge. The KUNSANA at-home two-person sauna is the ultimate project for truly ambitious DIY enthusiasts.

This at-home structure retails for $2,800 and is an excellent option if you’re looking to discover the benefits of saunas. When fully built, it'll have an internal height of 70.1 inches, a glass door, and a waterproof roof so you can even place this structure outside your home. Inside the Canadian hemlock sauna, you’ll install eight far-infrared heating panels that produce a maximum heat of 149°F from 1750 watts of power.

It might seem unlikely, but it won’t be hot to the touch, either. Unlike traditional wood-burning or electrical saunas that can reach higher temperatures and low humidity, an infrared sauna like this one creates radiant heat through light waves to warm the body, not the room. Far-infrared saunas have been recommended for those who cannot handle high temperatures because you can still work up a sweat with less heat.

Saunas can be a great source of heat without humidity, and people often try them to destress and escape from the cold. They may help to improve certain health conditions, such as skin diseases and asthma, Medical News Today reports, but you should consult with a trusted healthcare professional before you try one.

Once this at-home sauna is all set up, you can easily use the keypad to set the temperature. Sitting on the 18.9-inch-high seats, you can relax or listen to music inside the dry heat chamber, thanks to the LED lights and Bluetooth audio available inside. However, if you’re looking to enjoy a sauna without all the hard work of constructing your own oasis, this personal sauna might do the trick. It's also available at the more affordable price of $103.

Find out more about the KUNSANA far-infrared at-home two-person sauna here.

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