Take a Trip Down Memory Lane And Save With These Scratch-Off Maps That Travelers Love

InnovativeMap/Amazon / InnovativeMap/Amazon
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Though many of us still don’t feel comfortable enough to travel during a pandemic, there are other ways to fulfill all those wanderlust urges without boarding a plane. Scratch-off map posters can transport you back to your previous trips and let you track your adventures in a new way, and now they're on sale.

Originally $20, you can get InnovativeMap’s scratch-off world map poster and deluxe United States map on sale for $4 off when you use the promo code "204HXHMG" at checkout. Unlike other scratch-off maps, this set has over 3200 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, and it includes a complete accessory kit so you can truly customize your experience.


The world map you'll get here measures 17 inches by 24 inches while the United States map is 11 inches by 17 inches. Both feature a thin layer of foil that, when scratched away, reveals countries, states, capitals, highways, mountain ranges, and rivers on glossy laminated paper. Each state is richly colored, so they stand out. At the bottom of both posters, there are country and state flags that you can scratch off, too.

Aside from the maps, this set comes with an accessories kit that contains two scratcher guitar pick tools, a magnifying strip to look at details, memory stickers to mark your adventures (like riding a hot air balloon), and a cloth to clean the map. If you don’t end up displaying your maps in a frame, you can keep them safely protected in the tube they arrived in.

For many customers, these maps have inspired them to travel even more. “I’ve been scratching off the states and countries and realizing how much I’ve seen and how much more I want to see,” one reviewer wrote. Another customer reminisced about previous trips when he completed the map with his wife, “We spent the night clearing and discussing the states that we had traveled together and remembering some of the stories and trips,” a reviewer wrote.

Check out code InnovativeMap’s Scratch Off World Map Poster and Deluxe United States Map now on Amazon, and don’t forget to use the promo code at checkout for a discount.

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