Reviewers Say This Top-Rated Snow Blower Clears Sidewalks and Driveways 'Like a Charm,' and Now It’s on Sale

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When heavy snowfall hits your neighborhood, sometimes even a trusty shovel isn't enough to get the job done. For these bigger types of clean-up jobs, a snow blower—a machine that's designed to remove big piles in minutes—is a better option. While these devices typically cost upwards of $400 to $500, right now on Amazon, you can get one that has a 4.3-star rating on the site for well under $200.

The Snow Joe SJ623E is an 18-inch electric corded model that's lightweight, compact, and has a built-in 15-amp motor. Ideal for mid-sized outdoor spaces like a driveway or sidewalk, this gadget can move up to 720 pounds of snow per minute. Originally $250, it's on sale right now for $163, so you'll save about $87, or 35 percent.


While not as powerful as a gas-powered snow blower would be, there are perks to using an electric model like this one. Namely, you don't have to stress about tuning it up, refilling it with gas, or yanking hard on a pull starter every time you need it to operate. So long as you have an outlet and extension cord nearby, you're in business. Nearly 7000 Amazon shoppers have tried the Snow Joe SJ623E and many say it packs a punch. "The Snow Joe had enough power to drill right through 8 [to] 10 inches of snow. If anyone tells you that an electric snowthrower isn't powerful enough, they must be trying to clear ice. This thing never faltered once," one reviewer wrote. Another loved how easy it is to store and maneuver. "Being able to easily pack this thing up, lift it with one hand and store on a shelf makes my life easy," the shopper wrote.

That said, if you're looking for a snow blower that packs even more oomph, check out the Snow Joe SJ623E's sister version, the Snow Joe SJ625E. This 21-inch corded blower is larger and can handle more heft than the SJ623E; the 15-amp motor can toss up to 800 pounds of snow per minute with no gas, tune-ups, or oil needed to make it purr. Close to 4000 reviewers on Amazon have tried it out, and many sing this 4.3-star-rated machine's praises. "A cheap electric snow blower that will get the job done," raved one reviewer. Another wrote, "It's easy to maneuver and [lightweight] enough to lift up the stairs and clear off my large wooden deck. Fairly aggressive but, you do need to use some common sense while operating and some strategy in moving larger snowfalls."

As good as this model is, it's currently on backorder and you're looking at a one to two month wait time before you get it. By then, the snow accumulation in your area might be minimal, but as a silver lining, at least you'll have it in time for next season. If you need one ASAP, you're better off getting the Snow Joe SJ623E model, especially while this deal is still good.

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