Blast Off: Boba Fett's Famous EE-3 Blaster Is Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You, Thanks to Nerf

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Star Wars fans have a new reason to rejoice—Han Solo stans, maybe not so much—courtesy of the latest addition to Hasbro's Nerf line: a limited-edition replica of Boba Fett's iconic blaster.

As Nerdist reports, the EE-3 blaster toy (which the bounty hunter has used to strike terror in the hearts of smugglers and scalawags alike since 1980's The Empire Strikes Back) will be released on March 1, 2023, but it's available for pre-order right now on Amazon for $110. While that's a steep price to pay for what is essentially still a Nerf gun, chances are you won't be pew-pewing this collector's item in anyone's general orbit any time soon. Rather, you'll want to keep it on display—carbonite display, perhaps, if you're feeling saucy.


This replica is packed with the kind of rich detail that'll make Boba Fett lovers giddy. Measuring in at a little over 30 inches long, the toy replicates the green and golden yellow hues on Fett's own custom armor and includes three removable drums, each of which has a four-dart capacity. It also has a built-in electronic scope with an illuminated lens and makes "accurate blaster sounds," so you can really cosplay with the best of them, should you ever opt to take it out of its original packaging. (But be sure to grab some AAA batteries if you do, otherwise you'll be firing off soundlessly into the void.)

The EE-3 is the latest in a string of Star Wars-inspired toys to join Nerf's arsenal. The Amban Phase-Pulse blaster, available for $120 on Amazon, was released back in 2020 to much acclaim. Both weapons are favored by the Mandalorian, and you can catch him with a weathered version of the EE-3 in The Book of Boba Fett, currently streaming on Disney+.

Available for pre-order now through March 31, 2022, Nerf's EE-3 blaster replica is worth grabbing now while it's still easy to find. While you wait for it to arrive, you can head over to Disney+ to catch up on everything you might have missed in the Star Wars universe.

[h/t: Nerdist]

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