Danish Illustrator Plays With Paper to Create 3D Cartoons

Sonia Weiser
HuskMitNavn, Facebook
HuskMitNavn, Facebook / HuskMitNavn, Facebook


(RememberMyName) is like Denmark's version of Banksy: His name is nowhere to be found; his graffiti and murals decorate the city's public and private spaces (but not in a defacing-property kind of way); and although they're cartoonish and amusing, they still clearly comment on society.

While known around Europe primarily for his street art, buildings aren't HuskMitNavn's only canvas: The artist also creates stickers, has paintings and illustrations up in galleries (including one in New York City) and offices, and frequently posts artwork on his social media pages. This year, he created a series called 47 Instagram Drawings that used paper bends and rips to add dimension to casual pen and ink drawings. The results are undeniably fun. 

"The house on the cliff"

"I already had 12 of these today and still not feeling anything."

"Go west."


"Up to no good."

"Skate or die."

All images courtesy of HuskMitNavn's Facebook