This Sleek Dog Crate Is So Cute, You’ll Want To Use It as a Piece of Furniture (And Spoiler: You Can)

Every pooch deserves a palace of their own.
Every pooch deserves a palace of their own. / Fable
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Dogs deserve the very best, from the types of food they eat to how much quality snuggle-time you provide them after you're finally done with work. After all those long walks and belly rubs, your favorite pup will need a cozy place to lay their paws. If the couch is out (as it probably should be), then your best bet is to point them in the direction of their crate. This is especially true if you have a puppy that still needs to be housetrained, or an older dog with bladder-control issues. In either scenario, a crate can help to nurture your pet's denning instinct—a canine's natural proclivity toward hunkering down where it's soft and comfy—and keep your house from turning into a play zone while you're at the office or fast asleep.

While crates come in all varieties, one in particular has been generating a lot of attention online these days. The Fable crate is a super-sleek, modern-looking option that's nothing like the heavy-duty metal ones you've no doubt seen (and perhaps used) in the past. It's handcrafted from bentwood, which is a type of wood (often beech or ash) that's been bent and shaped (rather than cut) to achieve its final form. Often used for rocking chairs, this process makes the wood more flexible. In Fable's case, the use of bentwood helps give the crate a slightly curved appearance, makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth or animal-safe wood-cleaning solutions, and it's punctuated with square holes, allowing for more airflow.


The crate, which is available at Fable for $395, also comes with a metal or acrylic gate, which you can customize based on your preference. Although spending close to $400 on a dog crate might make you gasp, there's a reason you're paying extra for this model: It was designed to double as a side table. If you're all about minimalist aesthetics at home (and you're tired of heading to Ikea for everything that fits that vibe), something like this could be a great way to upgrade your home decor and still provide a great service to your pooch. Think of it as twofer: One part dog crate, the other part, a functional piece of furniture.

Available in extra-small to small and medium sizing, the Fable crate is ideal for dogs up to 50 pounds and can comfortably fit a bed of corresponding size. You can even purchase one on Fable's site, with prices starting at $95. Consider grabbing both the Fable crate and bed today, and give your pup a truly sweet den to call their own.

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