Whimsical Calendar Device Alerts You With Bubbles

Rebecca OConnell

Calendar notifications can be annoying and intrusive, but they are a necessary evil of office life. Notifly has a more whimsical take on alerts. Instead of an annoying on-screen pop-up or high-pitched beep, this adorable device blows you a bubble. The dread that comes with a looming business meeting can be nullified by the childlike joy of a giant bubble.

Notifly comes with a calendar app called PopUp that features delightful imagery designed to put you in a good mood. On top of reminding you about your boring engagements, it will also include some fun info, like an art exhibit near your lunch meeting.

The product is part of Studio 360’s Redesigns series that aims to "turn much-dreaded Mondays into wahoo-worthy Mon-yays!" Other items in the line include an alarm clock that giggles and an app that encourages you to thank the people around you.

[h/t: Swiss-Miss.com]