Move Over Bath Bombs—These Fan-Favorite Shower Steamers Are Now 32 Percent Off on Amazon

Cleverfy/Amazon / Cleverfy/Amazon
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Bath bombs are extremely popular these days, but people who prefer taking showers may feel left out. Thankfully, someone rectified the situation and created shower steamers, which release beautiful aromas into the air as you suds up under the water, much like a bath bomb. And now, one of Amazon’s best-selling sets is on sale.

For a limited time, you can get Cleverfy’s shower steamer set for $20. Originally $29.50, this current discount means you'll save 32 percent (or about $10) on this 4.4-star-rated six pack, which nearly 18,000 Amazon shoppers have already tried and overwhelmingly enjoyed.

Get Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers on Amazon for $20

Inside the box, you’ll find six hockey puck-shaped discs of various colors and scents, including soothing lavender, zesty menthol and eucalyptus, invigorating grapefruit, and more. "The [scents are] strong but not overwhelming. I’m sensitive to fake fragrances [and] man-made scents, and these don’t bother me at all," wrote one Amazon reviewer. Compared to other shower steamers, these are also formulated with vegan-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients and are non-slip, meaning they won't leave oily residue behind on the surface of your tub. (They may leave dried bits of flowers behind, so keep that in mind before you buy.)

To use these septic-safe shower steamers, all you need to do is put one in the corner of your tub and make sure it isn't fully submerged in water. As the water trickles down from your showerhead, the moisture will soften the disc. This, in turn, releases the steamer's signature scent into the bathroom. "I am delighted that someone took bath bombs concept and applied it to showers since I am a shower person," another Amazon shopper wrote. "These bombs exceeded my expectations in that they lasted the length of my shower, made the air smell delightful, and a couple of days later my husband asked, 'Why does the bathroom smell so good?' because there was residual aroma."

Along with this gift set, you’ll get access to a free aromatherapy e-book, detailing the positive impact that essential oils may have on your body. Head over to Amazon to learn more and get Cleverfy’s shower steamer set for $20.

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