This Innovative Microwave Cover Makes Reheated Food Taste Better Than Before

Two Pillars/Kickstarter
Two Pillars/Kickstarter / Two Pillars/Kickstarter
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Microwaves are one of the easiest ways to reheat food quickly. However, whether you’re warming up a bowl of soup or melting butter, complications can sometimes arise. From making a mess to burning your fingers, microwaves do have a learning curve (despite how simple they might seem at first glance) and your food might taste less than ideal if you use one incorrectly. With their latest Kickstarter campaign, Two Pillars wants to make your microwave experience better, and the brand has developed just the product to help do it.

The Duo Cover isn’t like your ordinary microwave cover. The brand has spent the past three years working on this project—conducting research, designing, and testing this item to make microwaving food a better, cleaner experience. In general, microwave covers help prevent splatter; this plastic-free cover is made from food-safe silicone, so it'll not only last for up to 10 years if used properly, but it'll keep sauces and other potentially messy foods from spraying all over the roof of your microwave. The durable and reusable material is fully collapsible and safe to use in dishwashers. In addition, the device is outfitted with microwave-safe magnets, so when you’re not using the cover, you can collapse it and stick it to the gadget’s ceiling, ready to use next time. It also has handles on the sides for you to use when storing your Duo Cover, or as grips to grab hot bowls and plates and prevent burning your hands.

To keep your food fresh, the Duo Cover offers two features. The first is a special knob that locks in moisture at the top of the cover. Before you heat your food, lock the knob and pour water into the basin created. When you press start, the microwave will interact with the water, generating moisture that’ll steam your food. The Duo Cover will keep this steam contained, creating better-tasting food. The second feature is the hermetic seal which, when covering the food, will retain heat even after you take your food out of the microwave.

Though the Kickstarter campaign has already been backed by almost 14,000 people and raised over $650,000, you can still fund one of this project’s tiers. The retail cost of one Duo Cover is around $36. So, when you contribute $30 or more, you’ll be able to get a Duo Cover and save up to $6. If you want two lids, there’s a limited quantity of pairs that you can get for $50 or more. After those have been claimed, you’ll have to contribute $60 or more to get a pair of covers.

Similarly, for three lids, you can get a trio for $70 or more. But be advised, there are limited quantities left; when those run out, to get a set of three Duo Covers, you’ll need to contribute $90 or more. You can also get a complete set for $108 or more, which is a savings of up to $67. The set comes with three Duo Covers and all the brand’s add-ons, including three ZipBags, a collection of five UniLids, and a Swedish dishcloth. For $200 or more, you can get 10 Duo Covers that can be used in every microwave in your home with plenty to spare as gifts for loved ones. You’ll also receive over 20 chef-approved recipes with each tier.

All these items are expected to be shipped by August 2022. However, if you want a collapsible microwave cover as soon as possible that also acts as a strainer, check out this one on Amazon. Check out the Duo Cover on Kickstarter now before the campaign closes on Saturday, February 5.

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