This TikTok-Favorite Cleaning Gel Has Over 12,000 Reviews and Is Now On Sale on Amazon

ColorCoral/Amazon / ColorCoral/Amazon
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Trying to clean all of your home's tricky nooks and crannies can be a nightmare to figure out. But what if there was a tool that you could mold to fit whatever shape you needed for those hard-to-reach places? Better yet, what if it was on sale, too?

ColorCoral’s universal dust cleaning gel is a reusable, pliable multi-surface cleaner. A jar of this putty usually costs $10 on Amazon. However, at the moment, you can get this coveted item, which has a 4.2-star rating and more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon, for as little as $7.

Get the ColorCoral Cleaning Gel on Amazon

Though this trendy goo is mainly known for cleaning dust from cars and keyboards, you can also use it on various surfaces, from calculators and printers to vents, and it’ll even grab pet hair. If you’re worried about it getting all over your hands and smelling gross, you can put your mind at ease knowing the putty is made from natural ingredients and is scented with lavender.

Before using the gel, make sure your hands are dry and never wash the substance or use it to clean up liquid spills, as it'll start to dissolve if you do. Once you’re ready to go, start kneading it into a ball and then press it onto the surface that you’d like to clean, then pull it off after a minute. Once the gel has been lifted, you’ll see it has carried the dust and debris along with it, revealing a dirt- and dust-free surface. Once you’re finished using it, just place the putty back into its jar and store it in a cool place. The substance is reusable and should continue to function until it becomes either dark or too sticky to handle.

This product has become a favorite on TikTok because of its affordability and ease of use, according to Reader's Digest. But if you don’t use the social media app, just head over to Amazon, where there are plenty of rave reviews. One shopper was so impressed by how it cleaned their keyboard, that they had to try it elsewhere. “I then took it out to my car, and it took care of my vents and all the other [hard-to-reach] places that seem to collect gunk,” the customer wrote. Another person was stunned when using the putty, and specifically how easy it was to store. “After using, just arbitrarily put it into the box, no matter how you fold it or even cut it, and it will reset the shape of itself back, which is good news for OCD people like me,” the reviewer wrote.

Head on over to Amazon to get your hands on the ColorCoral cleaning putty before the price jumps back up.

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