Chuck Palahniuk Reads from 'Fight Club 4 Kids'

Sonia Weiser
Mashable, YouTube
Mashable, YouTube / Mashable, YouTube

There's nothing particularly child-friendly about Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club, but, as he explains, now that his readership is "growing older, having children, and dying," he's "decided to reintroduce the book to a whole new generation." That's why Mashable and Palahniuk have teamed up to create Fight Club 4 Kidsan animated retelling of Fight Club read by Palahniuk himself. 

Still not quite rated G, the adaptation stars a "boy with no name" who becomes a member of the "horsing around club."

To find out whether he makes it out alive, watch Fight Club 4 Children. 

This isn't the first time Mashable has put a kid-oriented spin on an adult favorite. Two months ago, the site released Goodnight Westeros, based on Margaret Wise Brown's ubiquitous picture book. 

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