TASCHEN's Latest Sale Includes Books on Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and The Beatles for Up to 75 Percent Off

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Those who love coffee table books or looking at tomes about art will be familiar with the beautiful editions by the publisher TASCHEN. Such high-quality reads tend to be on the more expensive side for many budgets, but luckily, the publisher is having a huge sale that offers a wide variety of titles for a steal.

Starting today through Sunday, January 30, you can save up to 75 percent off hundreds of TASCHEN display books. This kind of discount could mean a saving up to $400. The selection covers a myriad of topics like art, fashion, comics, photography, films, music, architecture, and travel.


One of the most significant discounts you’ll find in the collection is for the XXL The United States of America books. These tomes are filled with more than 700 pages of archival photographs from National Geographic that show the country’s transformation over the past century. The books were initially priced at $300, but through the sale, you can get the volumes for $80, so you'll save $220, which is about 73 percent off. The deal even includes other coveted XXL volumes like The Star Wars Archives. 1977–1983 which is $80 off, and Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. The Ultimate History, which is now $100 less than usual.

If books weighing almost 13 pounds aren’t what you’re looking for, you can still save $10 on smaller editions of The Star Wars Archives and Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. Music lovers can also enjoy a nice $15 discount on the black-and-white photography portfolio Harry Benson. The Beatles, which spans 1964–1966.

Fans of comic books and fantasy art will have plenty of options to choose from, too. Through the sale, you can save $75 on a copy of the 532-page Masterpieces of Fantasy Art XXL-edition, which features paintings, sketches, sculptures, and more from this rich and historical genre. Those who enjoy superheroes, especially Marvel Comics, can now get the 192-page The Little Book of Fantastic Four and The Little Book of Captain America books for half off each. Fans of the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel aren’t left out, either. The 672-page The Golden Age of DC Comics book covers the publisher’s glory years, 1935–1956, and is now $8 off.

Make sure to check out the TASCHEN book sale before it ends on Sunday, January 30 to get up to 75 percent off these much sought-after books.

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