Flamingo Gets a New Leg at Brazilian Zoo

Hayley Harding

A flamingo at the City Zoo of Sorocaba, located in Brazil, recently had his leg amputated after his keepers realized a fracture was in danger of becoming infected. Worried the Chilean flamingo would struggle post-amputation, zookeepers enlisted the help of orthopedics entrepreneur Nelson Nole, who fitted the bird with a carbon fiber prosthetic.

For the time being, he's being kept apart from his fellow flamingos—according to an interview Yahoo! News did with the zoo's veterinarian, another bird may have caused the initial injury.

Rehabilitation is also necessary for the bird before he faces his flock again, because he will still be at risk when he gets home. Other flamingos may see his new leg as an intruder rather than a necessary tool.

So far, the flamingo is adjusting to his new lifestyle well—zookeepers say he's already figured out how to tuck his leg under his body and stand on his good limb. To see him in action, check out the EuroNews report above.

[h/t: UPI]