Doughnut Tent Design Could Make Camping a Little Easier

Spark Awards
Spark Awards / Spark Awards

The Doughnut Tent is a concept created by Han Kim, Sungha Lim, and Hyumook Lim, who are students at Yong In University. It's their entry to the Spark Awards, an international design contest, and it may change the way you go camping one day.

Sungha Lim, Spark Awards

What makes this tent unique is its versatility. You can choose to make it either an "I" shape or a "C" shape. An "I" shape grants you a traditional-looking tent that's pretty wide. A "C" shape is a great idea for protection from the wind and allows you to have a little cove for campfires or just hanging out.

Using two tents gives you even more options. If you bring two together, you can build either an "S" shape or an "O" shape for the ultimate doughnut experience. An "S" creates two separate spaces for whatever purpose you may need, whereas an "O" shape blocks out the wind entirely and creates a cozy pop-up courtyard.

SunghaLim, Spark Awards

Even though it may remind you of a plastic hamster tube, there's plenty of room for up to four people. It's designed to be easy to set up and take down so that just about anyone can use it. The design was a finalist in the contest, but we probably won't see it on the market soon. Until then, you can this as inspiration for your next campsite.

[h/t: Jebiga]