Oscar Mayer’s New Bologna Face Masks Are the Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of—and the Internet Can’t Get Enough of Them

Cold cuts never looked so gross—or so hydrating.
Cold cuts never looked so gross—or so hydrating. / Oscar Mayer/Amazon
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From the sweet, simple days of Tiger King binge-watches to dodging murder hornets and pretending to know what NFTs are in polite conversation, the last two years have been full of ups and downs for us all. Now it seems like we're at the point in our cultural zeitgeist where just about anything goes. Case in point? Say hello to the beauty/cold cut crossover nobody asked for but has the whole internet buzzing.

Yep, we're talking about Oscar Mayer's new bologna face masks.

Back in stock on Amazon for just $5, this lunch meat-inspired beauty product was released on Wednesday, January 19, and sold out within less than a day. In the short time it's been available for purchase, it's been the subject of several reviews, even making an appearance on TODAY, where hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager gave it a try for themselves.

What in the world could have prompted the creation of such a gloriously gross, undeniably wackadoodle beauty product? In a press release, the company claims they were looking to pay homage to "childhood traditions."

“Oscar Mayer has a legacy bringing levity to things that have gotten too serious, and beauty is a ripe territory to playfully subvert,” Lindsey Ressler, senior marketing analyst for Oscar Mayer, said in the press release. “Inspired by those who used to playfully make masks out of their bologna as kids, this product was born as a modern-day way to spark smiles for fans of Oscar Mayer and beauty enthusiasts alike."

Although this bologna-inspired face mask seems more like a novelty item than a real beauty product, it's actually formulated with quality ingredients like witch hazel, which can be soothing on sensitive skin, and seaweed derivatives that'll help hydrate and nourish complexions that have been left parched in all this winter dryness. Korean beauty and skincare company Seoul Mamas collaborated with Oscar Mayer on it, which might explain why it's better than your run-of-the-mill deli counter leftovers.

For just $5, you, too, can look like Dwight did after he cut the face off a first-aid dummy in that one episode of The Office. Get the Oscar Mayer bologna face mask on Amazon today before it sells out again.

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