Can You Dig It? Play Funko’s New The Warriors Board Game, Based on the Cult Classic Film

Funko/Amazon / Funko/Amazon
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Though the cast and crew of the 1979 movie The Warriors might not have known they were making a cult classic film at the time, it sure has taken on a life of its own. Director Walter Hill’s story of a New York City street gang on the run is now getting its own board game.

Created by the pop culture toy brand Funko, The Warriors: Come Out to Play is a cooperative strategy board game that pays homage to the classic line in the film. The game, which is available for pre-order on Amazon for $30 and will be officially released on Friday, February 25, offers two to four players over 45 minutes of playtime. Fans will be as excited to play this new game as they were when the original gang members reunited in 2015 to take a subway ride on the Q to their home turf of Coney Island.


The object of the game, like in the film, is to get your fellow gang members to make their way across New York City to show the Gramercy Riffs that your gang is being framed for the murder of its leader. You can choose to play as one of eight members from the gang and work with your fellow teammates to protect each other’s backs and avoid the seven leaders of rival gangs. In the spirit of the movie, as there’s no place to hide, you’ll have to choose whether you’re running or fighting, and which weapon you’ll use. The game uses original illustrations from the film and is designed to reflect the movie’s aesthetic.

Head to Amazon to check out the new Funko The Warriors: Come Out to Play game, now available for pre-order for $30.

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