12 Personalized, Bespoke Items to Completely Customize Your Home

MyPupSocks/Amazon/Papier / MyPupSocks/Amazon/Papier
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When it comes to acquiring things for your home, finding great presents for friends, or building out your collection of goodies, personalizing those items can be a way to add an extra-special touch to them. Customize your home to feel truly your own with these 12 bespoke items made just the way you want them.

1. Birthdate Candle; $38

Birthdate Co.

Birthdate Co. candles celebrate the day you entered the world in a whole new way. Each coconut and soy wax blend candle features a different scent personally crafted for that specific day and has a burn time of 60 to 80 hours. In addition, astrology fans will enjoy the label, which reveals which sun sign, tarot cards, numerology, and more are associated with a specific birthday.

Buy it: Birthdate Co.

2. Personalized Family Recipe Board; $100

Uncommon Goods

Classic recipes get passed down from generation to generation. Now, you can start a new culinary tradition by engraving your favorite recipes into cutting boards that you can gift to the next era. You can either send in a recipe card and get the handwritten instructions etched into the board, or send a typed version that will also be personally engraved in a lovely handwritten style. Choose between maple and cherry wood for the board and enjoy cooking in a new way.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

3. MyPupSocks; $14


Consider yourself a pet parent? Show off your love of your four-legged friend with a pair of MyPupSocks. These personalized socks come in 39 colors and will feature your pet’s face on them, along with cartoon bones and paw prints. That way, when you have to leave them at home, they’re not really that far away.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game; $85

Kasey and Justin Pearson/Uncommon Goods

Treat your loved one to a personalized version of the classic game of Connect Four with this maple wood version. On the six lines of this board, makers Kasey and Justin Pearson hand-carve hearts, letters, numbers, and more, and you can opt to have up to four lines (worth seven characters overall) personalized with your family's surname, an anniversary, or other special words.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

5. Custom Mugs; $13


If you're interested in customized kitchenware, mugs are a great place to start, especially if you love coffee or tea. You can stick a photo of anything on mugs, from your recent family vacation to your pet’s sweet face on a mug, and enjoy them even more every time you use them.

Buy it: Vistaprint

6. The New York Times Custom Birthday Book; From $100

Uncommon Goods

The New York Times has been in circulation since 1851, which means over 170 years of front covers to flip through. This custom birthday book makes a great gift, as it utilizes the publication’s extensive archives to create a tome filled with front pages from every year since the recipient’s birth. (If you want to gift this to someone born after 2000, you might need to wait a year or two because the books need to have a minimum of 20 pages.)

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

7. Constellation Foiled Notebook; From $27


Whether you like to journal your thoughts at night before bed, use a notebook to make grocery lists, or intend to write your next novel by hand, a bespoke notebook will make you feel extra special each time you open it. This one from Papier features a constellation pattern and lets you customize everything about the text on the front cover.

Buy it: Papier

8. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map; $155

Wendy Gold/Uncommon Goods

Designed with couples in mind, this personalized pushpin world map allows you to reflect on your most cherished travel memories with your partner. This vintage-inspired framed keepsake displays your names and a particular date you choose on scrolls at the bottom of the board. The map comes with 100 pins so you can mark each place that means something special between yourself and your loved one, whether that’s where you met, got engaged, or laughed so hard you almost cried.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

9. Simple Frame Puzzle; From $33


Commemorate a distinct time in your life with a puzzle of that specific moment. Upload any photo you want to Shutterfly and turn it into a 1000-piece puzzle with a customizable border and text banner at the bottom.

Buy it: Shutterfly

10. Personalized Word Search Throw Blanket; $148

Uncommon Goods

Word games can be a fun way to tease your brain, but now you can combine this passion with a custom blanket. Add up to 15 words (including a special circled word) into this word search and see how many you can find on the 60- by 50-inch cotton throw blanket once it arrives.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

11. Custom Address Stamp; $18

Stamp by Me/Amazon

In this digital age, start or reignite your passion for writing letters by creating a custom address stamp that’s only yours. Choose from four design options for how you want your name and address to be displayed on the seal. You can even choose to get the stamp with an ink pad or as a self-inking stamp.

Buy it: Amazon

12. Intersection of Love Photo Print; From $75

Patricia Carlin/Uncommon Goods

Every couple has those special moments like when they met, got engaged, or even married. Commemorate these moments in a framed black and white image of street signs representing how your paths have crossed. You can personalize the names and dates featured in the picture. For an extra-special bonus, you can celebrate your love with a frame representing the specific anniversary year, such as wood for the fifth anniversary, tin for the 10th, platinum for the 20th, silver for the 25th, and gold for the 50th.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

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