This Robot Vacuum Has Over 4000 Reviews and Is Now $180 Off

SharkNinja/Amazon / SharkNinja/Amazon
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Though simple in design, robot vacuums have helped turn house cleaning into a habitual, low-maintenance activity instead of a laborious chore. Unfortunately, many of the best ones on the market can cost hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars. That's why whenever there's a good deal on a top-quality model, it’s time to pounce on it. And right now, one of Amazon’s best-selling robot vacuums is massively on sale. 

Currently, you can save $180 on Shark’s AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum, which is a discount of 30 percent. The original price for this model was $600, but it now can be yours for $420. Though this is still a large chunk of change to part with, it’s a much better price than the regular retail value.

Buy the Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum for $420 (list price $599.99)

Compared to other Shark robot vacuums, the AV1010AE IQ is very advanced. One of the most notable features is the IQ navigation, which helps the robot clean rooms in consecutive rows instead of random patterns to completely cover an area. It has comprehensive home mapping technology, so it can learn the layout of your house faster than other models.

You can then use the SharkClean app or voice control through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to create cleaning schedules or select specific rooms you want to focus on. The combination of the deep-cleaning suction power, high-efficiency filters, multi-surface brushroll, and side brushes allows the vacuum to pull up things like dust, dirt, and pet hair from different surfaces like carpet and traditional wood flooring better than previous models. The vacuum’s base allows it to automatically empty the debris into a bagless basin that can hold up to 45 days' worth of content. The vacuum can also recharge at the base, then pick up right where it left off in its cleaning route.

The Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum has a 4.5-star rating and over 4000 reviews, with many customers saying how well it does on pet hair. “It really has impacted our household [favorably] and lifts my spirits [whenever] I see him doing his job. I have named it “Pierre,” and he quietly moves through the house doing a wonderful job,” one reviewer with three dogs wrote. Many have also noted how helpful the robot vacuum is, especially for those who have health problems. One 80-year-old customer has purchased three of this model to keep their house clean all the time. “Now, if they could only do the dusting of furniture and also scrub the bathrooms, it would be heavenly,” the reviewer wrote.

Head on over to Amazon to take advantage of this $180 discount on the Shark’s AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum before it’s gone.

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