You Can Save 25 Percent on Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speakers Right Now

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Creating a smart home starts with having the right devices. From controlling the music coming out of your speakers to dimming the lights, the best smart home devices can make your life a little easier and can be voice-activated or controlled via an app. Amazon's Echo Dots are some of the most popular and affordable you can buy, and now you can save up to 25 percent on 4th-generation models.

There are three 4th-generation Echo Dot devices in total: the standard Echo Dot, one with a built-in clock, and a version that's just for kids. For a limited time, you can get discounts on all three, with prices starting at $40. While all the 4th-generation Echo Dots come pre-loaded with Amazon's smart assistant, Alexa, there are key differences between the three, which are good to know about before you buy one.


The 4th-generation Echo Dot, which is on sale for $40, is a great entry-level smart speaker that lets you voice control your home so you can open your garage, change the temperature, turn on your Wi-Fi, and so much more with a simple spoken phrase. It can even lock your doors and turn on security cameras to protect your home. You can enable Alexa Guard for free, which will alert you if Alexa detects smoke, glass breaking, and other disturbances while you’re out. Those who are worried about privacy can rest easy knowing that microphones, motion detection, and voice recordings can be disconnected, disabled, and deleted whenever you want to. This device boasts a stylish orb-like shape, which sets it apart from previous models like the 3rd-generation Echo Dot (on sale for $35).

Like the standard Dot, the 4th-generation Echo Dot with a clock has that ultra-modern, spherical shape and can help you set timers, check the traffic, create errand lists, and voice-control your home. Yet this model, which usually retails for $60 and is now on sale for $45, displays the time on the front, along with temperatures.

For $45, you can also get the 4th-generation Kids edition, which is designed with little ones in mind and features either a panda face or tiger face printed on the front. It comes with parental controls and a year's subscription to Amazon Kids+, which grants access to thousands of games, educational programs, and children-friendly Audible books. After a year, you can keep that subscription for an additional $3 per month for Prime members (plus tax) and cancel any time using the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

If you've been searching for an Alexa-friendly smart speaker that doesn't cost a fortune, Echo Dots are the way to go. Make sure to head to Amazon to get these deals on these 4th generation Echo Dot devices while you can.

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