Turn NYC Subway Stations Into Unique Pieces of Music


Brought to you by Heineken

Could rush hour become the most beautiful time to be in the New York City subway?

For years, musician and audiophile James Murphy has had an idea to make the New York City subway a more melodic experience. The project, dubbed Subway Symphony, would replace the harsh turnstile beeping noises on the NYC subway with pleasant, melodic notes that harmonize into music, giving each station its own sonic identity. And during rush hour, when more people are passing through the turnstiles, this effect would be even more pronounced.

Recently, Heineken, who believes in making great cities even greater, has jumped on board to show support as well as share a video series about the project. The ultimate goal is to rally enough support to potentially turn Subway Symphony into a reality. And what's more, it’s easier than ever for you to get involved. To share your support for Subway Symphony, join the conversation online using the hashtag #SubwaySymphony.

Murphy’s idea was born after hearing the sounds of the subway system in Japan and a note sequence that used to be played in the Barcelona airport. Subway Symphony is the first in a series of legacy projects backed by Heineken. The idea is to champion fans 21+ everywhere to push boundaries and make the most of their legendary cities.

In the future, be on the lookout for more projects in cities across the country! To follow the progress, visit: subwaysymphony.heineken.com