Stranger Things Season 4 Finally Has a Premiere Date—Two of Them, Actually

Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

For Stranger Things fans, the wait for the Netflix series's new season has felt like forever—causing some viewers to speculate that we might never see another installment at all. Fortunately, all of those rumors can now be laid to rest, as we finally have the release date for Stranger Things season 4—and there’s a bit of a twist.

When does Stranger Things season 4 premiere?

Similar to other Netflix original series like Ozark and Grace and Frankie, Stranger Things season 4 will be split into two parts: Volume 1 will debut on May 27, 2022, and Volume 2 will premiere on July 1, 2022. Fortunately, that’s not a huge gap between volumes—giving fans just enough time to come up with some elaborate theories about what will happen next without going back into agony while waiting.

Both of these release dates are also timed to holidays, which the show has done before. May 27 marks the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and July 1 is the Friday before Fourth of July. This will no doubt prove successful for Netflix, as fans of all ages will have time off to binge the whole season.

When will Stranger Things end?

Netflix's season 4 announcement, however, was bittersweet. In addition to confirming the fourth season premiere dates, the company also announced that Stranger Things season 5 will mark the end of the series. No release date for the final season has been announced, but there's no reason to be too upset. There will likely be a spin-off series or two when the show concludes.

Netflix shared a letter from the Duffer Brothers with all the big news, which you can read below.

Courtesy of Netflix