Britain is Getting a Grilled Cheese Subscription Service

Kickstarter / Kickstarter

British grilled cheese lovers rejoice: Soon, you may need to go no further than your mailbox for a delicious sandwich.

Cheese Posties is a subscription-based service that sends all the ingredients for a perfect grilled cheese straight to your door. According to their Kickstarter, their bread comes from "local artisan bread makers" and their cheeses are "world class."


For just £3.99 per week, you'll get the traditional cheese, bread, and butter, plus a special "food porn" ingredient, such as Nutella, bacon, or even berries. It also comes with a special bag that you can toast it in.

Picky eater who only likes savory sandwiches? Don't worry about it. You can customize your order based on your preferences. Have a gluten allergy? No problem! The service offers award-winning gluten-free alternatives.


A £5 contribution gets participants one Cheese Postie to eat, and one to share with a friend. Larger contributions come with Cheese Posties-themed merchandise (or even a toaster). Creators promise that anyone willing to donate £5000 will "be lowered into a vat of melted cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and dipped in marinara sauce before being taken to a West-End musical of your choice and spending the night at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel." (A firm handshake is also an option.)

The Cheese Posties Kickstarter has been live for only a few days and is already more than halfway funded. There's still more than three weeks to join in, so you too can have a grilled cheese in your letterbox by August. Unfortunately, most of the world's citizens will not get to experience the joy of having a grilled cheese popped into their mailbox; Cheese Posties is currently only available in the United Kingdom.