Realtime Photo Gallery Lets You Keep Up With This Week's Northern Lights

Joel Askey
Joel Askey / Joel Askey

Solar eruptions over the weekend led to a geomagnetic storm that caused the rippling colors of the Northern Lights to make a rare display of extra incredible awesomeness on Monday night. The aurora borealis stretched far into the United States where it’s rarely seen, hitting Colorado, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, and even Texas.

The aurora also had a bit of a change of colors. While the Northern Lights have a trademark green glow, astronaut Scott Kelly—who is in the middle of a year-long mission on the International Space Station—snapped some astounding photos of a red aura emanating from Earth.

The “Realtime Image Gallery” on is an up-to-date visual journey of Northern Lights activity. As you might expect, this week has been a particularly colorful one, and it’s worth spending some time gazing upon the uploaded shots, especially for those who might not get a chance to see the lights in person.

Here are just a few of the photos from this week.

Ashley Williams

Darren Addy

Wayne Bergman

Chuck Hilliard

Minoru Yoneto

Dave Erickson

Gail Alcock

Rob Falk