Master the Particulars of Grammar With This Pop Culture Primer

Hannah Keyser

Pop Chart Lab. Click to enlarge.

For the overlap in the Venn diagram of word nerds and pop culture junkies, Pop Chart Lab has created a poster that breaks down the parts of speech with the help of famous figures from movies, television, music, and literature. Not just your basic person, place, or thing (although that's covered, too, with the help of Luke Skywalker, Tatooine, and a lightsaber) this poster takes on particulars of interrogative pronouns, modal auxiliary verbs, and resulting copulas via the likes of Dumbledore, Rocky, and Michael J. Fox.

The hand-drawn classic characters (plus Nicholas Cage) contextualize the dusty rules of grammar in a beautiful wall-worthy way. Put it next to your writing desk as a reference and and a chance to get inspired by the likes of ET, Robocop, Holly Golightly, Ice Cube, and Dr. Who.