New App Designed to Help the Colorblind

Hayley Harding
Michel Fortin
Michel Fortin / Michel Fortin

Software developer Michel Fortin has created Red Stripe, a program designed to help those who have red-green colorblindness. There are two versions: a phone app that works in real-time through the device's camera, and a computer widget that you can drag over an area of your screen. Both put stripes over anything they detect as a shade of red, and the user can then tell how intense the color is based on how pronounced the stripes are.

According to Fortin's website, the iOS app " takes the video feed from your iPhone or iPad’s camera and applies the stripe pattern to it in real-time. This creates an augmented reality setup where a red-green colorblind person can differentiate colors of different objects around him."

Mac App Store

With the Mac version, colorblind users use a floating display window that shows "what’s underneath with the stripe pattern added...[users can] interact with the windows behind directly through the filtered view."

The iPhone/iPad app as well as the Mac version are available for $4.99 on the App Store. There aren't many reviews yet but, according to one user, "this program works as advertised."