This Artist's Pottery Is Just One Inch Tall

Yelena Melnichenko

Jon Almeda

is unlike any other potter. Although he creates vases and sculptures in recognizable forms, the resulting pieces are only one inch tall. Amazingly, these vessels withstand the heat and glazing necessary to become ceramic.

Miniature artwork wasn't always Almeda's style. “For many years I was throwing massive pieces, the bigger, the better type mentality,” the artist has said. But after discovering a book on miniature pottery pieces, his outlook changed completely. Now, he's forced to focus on “the shape and form of a piece" by creating, in miniature, tea kettles, bowls, and vases.

To see more of his pieces, or to check out how he uses his motorized curio wheel to throw these tiny works with precision, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy.