3D-Printed Furniture Can Now Be Yours

Drawn, Kickstarter
Drawn, Kickstarter / Drawn, Kickstarter

The list of things to make with 3D printers keeps growing longer and longer. Earlier this week, we reported on 3D-printed chocolate. Now, it’s time to introduce 3D-printed furniture.

Paris-based startup Drawn is the brainchild of Sylvain Charpiot, a French engineer and entrepreneur who wanted to create locally-produced, customizable furniture. In 2014, Charpiot built his 3D printer robot—name Galatéa—out of an old industrial robot found in an automobile factory. 

The robot—which Charpiot refers to as “she”—heats up plastic to 446 degrees Fahrenheit before releasing it through the robot arm’s nozzle. The furniture is printed in layers, accommodating any funky design up to six and a half feet long and four feet wide.

To create the furniture, Drawn has collaborated with a number of interior architects and designers, and welcomes design proposals through the startup’s website.

Drawn also recommends using the furniture for one-off events, designing something specifically to be shown off before Drawn reclaims it to reuse the materials.

Galatéa premiered at the 2014 Maker Faire in Paris. Charpiot then turned to Kickstarter to get enough funding to bring his invention and furniture to trade shows to win over investors. He also wants to create a mini version of Galatéa that would allow him to show off its capabilities and build customizable furniture for buyers around the world.

Charpiot is currently experimenting with different materials, including wood and linen, and needs funding to work with suppliers and continue testing.

As of July 2, Drawn has surpassed its funding goal of $17,029, and still has 20 more days to go. Backers who pledge more than $23 will get 3D-printed deliverables varying in grandeur based on pledge.

All photos courtesy of Drawn 

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