New Online Geeky Game Show: 'Um, Actually'

Chris Higgins
YouTube / CollegeHumor
YouTube / CollegeHumor / YouTube / CollegeHumor

I have a new guilty pleasure: a CollegeHumor YouTube show called Um, Actually. The rules? Three geeks are presented with a complex statement about something geeky and/or nerdy, and must buzz in (ding in, really) and make a painfully minor correction to the statement. All responses must be prefaced with the phrase: "Um, actually...."

For once, this is a game show I want to be on. Are you listening, CollegeHumor? (Um, actually, they're reading.)

Language note: There is some cursing in these videos, so you'd be advised not to play them at work without headphones.

Episode 1

The pilot. I think the host maybe mispronounces "Daenerys," but I'll let that slide.

Episode 2

The Jedi question is such a gimme.

Episode 3

The depth of Robert Jordan knowledge here is impressive. Well played, gentlemen.

An Overly Specific Note on Geeks Vs. Nerds

The show bills itself as featuring nerds. Um, actually, they're geeks.