The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Taylor_Satine / Taylor_Satine

Truck Spill Frees a Million Bees

A shortage of bees makes it necessary to haul bees to agricultural areas for pollination purposes, so it had to happen sooner or later. A truck carrying bees through Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, overturned on I-90 and spilled up to a million bees on Sunday. Traffic was backed up for a couple of hours, and drivers were warned to keep their windows rolled up. To make matters worse, Coeur d'Alene was hosting an Iron Man Triathlon event at the same time. That couldn’t have been pleasant. 

Woman Gives Birth, Fights Bees, and Starts a Wildfire While Lost

Amber Pangborn of Oroville, California, was in labor Thursday and drove to her parents’ house. Or, that was the plan. She took a shortcut and became lost in the woods. Then the baby came, and she gave birth alone. Then bees attacked. By Saturday, Pangborn was desperate for a rescue, and started a fire, which grew out of control and burned a quarter of an acre. But someone reported smoke to the U.S. Forest Service, so Pangborn and her baby Marisa were found. Firefighters removed them from the burning area and took them to a hospital, where both are recovering. 

Crow Takes a Mid-Flight Rest on Eagle’s Back

Amateur photographer Phoo Chan was birdwatching in Seabeck, Washington, and focused in on a bald eagle in flight. A crow flew along and decided to take a break- by landing on the eagle’s back! Chan caught several photographs of the stunt. The eagle never broke stride, and after a few seconds, the crow flew off, energized, no doubt, by his brief rest.

Mystery Lake Undertaker Giving People the Creeps

A man in Canberra has been spotted poling across Lake Burley Griffin in a stand-up paddle boat resembling a coffin, complete with artificial flowers. The unidentified man is dressed like an old-fashioned undertaker, and gave kayakers pause as he emerged from the early morning mist. Jeanne Mclauchlan was out in a kayak and spoke to him Saturday morning.

"We asked 'coffin man', 'Where are you going'? His response was, 'To Queanbeyan cemetery as I have a 3pm grave site to prepare'."

Some considered the stunt in poor taste, as there is a hospice along the shore with a full view of the lake. The man was also photographed at Molonglo Reach and spotted in Sydney Harbor. Sydney kayaker Tom Simmat has a coffin-shaped boat, and is said to resemble the undertaker, but he refused to confirm it was him. He cryptically said,  

"We all know how less effective Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Zorro and not forgetting Wonderwoman, became, once their true identity became known."

Distracted Driver Jumps a Drawbridge

A man driving an SUV was recorded on video as he crashed through a barrier arm and jumped a drawbridge that was rising in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday. He landed over the top safely, but emerged from the vehicle panting in fear. He claims he was “messing with his GPS” and became distracted.

Man In Wheelchair Held Up Bank

A bank robber held up the Satander Bank in Queens, New York, on Monday. He gave the teller a note demanding money, but did not display a weapon. The teller gave the man $1,212 in cash in cash, and he fled in a wheelchair. The robber made a clean getaway before police arrived. The man and his wheelchair were caught on surveillance video. Monday night, police were looking for the perpetrator, although they did not know whether he needed the wheelchair or whether it was part of his disguise.