Man and Dog Graduate Together in Matching Robes

Rebecca OConnell
stv / stv

When 34-year-old Jack Proctor graduated recently, he did so alongside his best friend: his dog, Fudge. He and the cocker spaniel wore matching robes and took pictures before the graduation ceremony from Edinburgh Napier University; the canine's formal duds were made by Proctor's wife. 

Proctor, who received a degree in design and digital arts, enlisted Fudge to star in his introductory video and in many others he made as a student"I know it seems eccentric, but Fudge has been part of my journey through uni since day one, so it just feels like a nice way to mark the journey's end," Proctor said. 

The duo made a variety of videos together, including an Ice Bucket Challenge where Fudge tricks Proctor into getting soaked. The dog also appears in the graduate's dissertation, serving as comedic relief. 

"Our Ice Bucket Challenge video was our most successful, with millions of views on Facebook and 250,000 on Youtube, but other videos we had made have had view counts ranging from 30,000 to 300,000, and have appeared on news video sites," Proctor said.