Photographer Creates Touristy Photos From "Mars"

Rebecca OConnell

Whenever you go on vacation, snapping photos is a must. Photographer Julien Mauve likes to take similar pictures, only he pretends he is visiting space. The playful photo series called 'Greetings from Mars' explores what it might look like if tourists could visit the red planet.

Mauve visits the seemingly untouched deserts of the United States to capture the eerie alien feel of Mars. The West's sand dunes and rock formations provide gorgeous backdrops for his "astronaut" subjects.

The photographer says he found inspiration in Christopher Columbus's voyage to America, and he sees NASA's Curiosity rover as the Columbus of our century.

The project is about exploration, but also how humans like to interact within new spaces. For each new location, Mauve attempted to imitate classic tourist poses. There are selfies, jumping "action" shots, and romantic couples posed against the barren landscape of "Mars."