An App Shows You Where to Find Women’s History

Shaunacy Ferro
SPARK Movement
SPARK Movement / SPARK Movement

When it comes to the dominant narrative of history, ladies tend to get shortchanged. Even in areas where women have pioneered significant advances—looking at you, computer programming—women’s contributions to history tend to get overlooked. 

An app from SPARK Movement, a group of gender equality activists, is here to remind you of the fascinating historic women who should be honored—if not through plaques and street names, at least through Google Doodles. Women on the Map sends you an update anytime you’re near a location that played a significant role in women’s history.

The app started with locations honoring only 100 women, including people like Mary Anning, a 19th century English paleontologist whose discoveries changed the way scientists viewed Earth’s history. The SPARK Movement is also collecting more stories of awesome women from historical lore. To make it work, you’ll need Field Trip, a Google app that runs in the background of your phone and pings you when you approach certain destinations. Just open the app, check the box in “Historic Places and Events” for “SPARK: Women on the Map,” and wait for your phone to blow up with tales of legendary ladies. 

[h/t: PSFK]