This Guy Made a Wearable Batman Suit Out of Tree Bark

Rebecca OConnell
Christophe Guinet
Christophe Guinet / Christophe Guinet

French artist Christophe Guinet sometimes goes by the moniker Monsieur Plant, probably because of his medium of choice. Guinet uses botanical life to create modern pieces of art that straddle the line of industrial and natural. For his latest project, the artist built a wearable Batman suit covered in bark. 

The woodsy bat-suit was made with the help of Warner Brothers France and The Splendens Factory. Construction started with a foam mold that was covered in tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen, and fungus. "The bark of the tree is like the suit of the superheroes—a protective force," Guinet said. "The foam strengthens the balance that exists between the symbiosis of nature and that of this mythical character."