Generate an Anonymous Message with Fonts from 1350

Typo / Typo

Do you want to tell your co-workers to stop leaving their dirty dishes in the sink, without making it obvious that you're the one who's been staying late to wash them all yourself? Enter Typo, a font generator created by the National Library of Poland that generates messages using letters from six centuries worth of documents in the library's digital collection. 

Typo's settings allow you to narrow down the span of time from which it snags the letters—the default is from 1350-1940—and lets you select what type of documents you want it to use. Unless you select a specific category, it will incorporate images from books, posters, magazines, newspapers, and manuscripts.

Clicking on an individual letter brings you to the full original document, which you can share, download, search, and save for future reference. This part's in Polish, but Google Translate can give you the gist.

And if you don't like the font it chose for a certain letter, you can replace it with another random image. 

You get 35 characters to express yourself, so you might have to generate multiple messages to get your point across. Especially if you're passive aggressively ranting about dishes.

Below are the original documents that make up "mental," above.

M: Związek Zawodowy Pracow. Handlowych Lubartowaska 24. (1928)

E: Korzystajcie z okazji... (1939)

N: Krynica (1937)

T: Automobiles as Baggage: Take Your Car Along to Denmark (1938)

A: A Maiden's Prayer: Piano Solo (1936) 

L: Listy (1893)

All photos courtesy of Polona

[h/t Studio 360]