Origami Pot Changes Size as Plants Grow


Like hermit crabs, plants need to find new homes once they've outgrown their current ones. The process can be messy (and life-threatening), so it's usually only done when absolutely necessary. For plant owners who would prefer to skip the re-potting process, there's GROWTH, an origami-style pot that grows with your plant.

Created by London-based designers Studio Ayaskan, the expandable holder moves and changes over time. The product was inspired by the creators' desire to bridge the gap between humans and nature. When something man-made outgrows its purpose, it gets thrown away, but nature is constantly adapting and changing. “Nothing stands still. Panta rhei. Everything flows,” the designers write.

The evolving container matches the growing plant, creating a harmony not normally seen between the organic and inorganic. 

[h/t: MyModernMet.com]