A Monochrome Bar Where the Drinks Stand Out

Sonia Weiser
Out of Sync Tv, YouTube
Out of Sync Tv, YouTube / Out of Sync Tv, YouTube

No matter what you wear to The Bulmers #LiveColourful Bar in London, you'll be sure to stand out. The U.K. based cider brand created the first black and white pop-up bar to highlight their vibrantly-colored summer drinks like Zesty Blood Orange.

As part of the #LiveColourful campaign, a team of interior designers and film industry professionals spent four months creating a completely black and white lounge, to transport guests into what COW PR describes as "a modern day black and white film." 

Everything from the chairs to the food to the board games is monochrome; even the staff is painted gray to blend in with the surroundings. In order for the makeup to last throughout their entire shifts, Natasha Lawes, the makeup artist in charge, used waterproof body paint on the exposed parts of their bodies and silicone-based airbrush paint on their faces. To complete the look, the male staff members used black hair dye and the women wore black wigs.

The bar, located in Shoreditch, East London, was a two-night event, and closes today.

[h/t PSFK]