A Spanish Seagull Reminds Us Why Bird's Eye View is the Best

Hayley Harding
YouTube / YouTube

If you want to get a great video of the Cíes Islands, try handing your GoPro off to a seagull.

Although he certainly didn't mean for it to happen that way, that's exactly what Martin Lorenzo did on a recent trip to the Spanish islands. In the video, it shows he set his camera on a ledge, where it was then hijacked by the bird.

Lorenzo got his camera back just a minute later, when the bird landed. After he reclaimed his camera, Lorenzo realized that the bird accidentally shot some amazing aerial footage of the island and the ocean below. If you can't afford a Spanish island vacation (and don't mind the occasional flapping wing in your view), this may be the best way to see the beautiful islands that were recently named one of the best in Europe.

[h/t: Mashable]