A Smartphone Stand That Looks Like a Retro "Happy Computer" Icon

Rebecca OConnell
Igor Udushlivy
Igor Udushlivy / Igor Udushlivy

When booting up the original Macintosh, early computer users were greeted by the adorable, smiling Happy Mac computer icon. Newer Macs have abandoned the endearing logo, but that doesn't mean we can't recreate it. 

Designer Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy—who has a soft spot for computer icons—decided to honor the old classic by creating a papercraft based on the retro symbol. Somewhat of a skeuomorph, the stand is meant to wrap around your phone and transform it into a real life Happy Mac icon. 

To make your own, all you need is thick paper, glue, an exacto knife, a ruler, and Udushlivy's downloadable wallpaper. For the full instructions, head here

[h/t: NotCot]