Take a Virtual Spin Around the Solar System

Caitlin Schneider

As NASA’s New Horizons mission captured the attention of the world this week, it felt a little like Pluto was hogging all of the attention. Not that the expedition or the demoted dwarf planet didn’t deserve some love, but our solar system has a ton of serious beauties worthy of long (and longing) gazes.

To that end, The Wall Street Journal put together this awesome field guide to our corner of the Milky Way as a chance to take a look back at the many celestial bodies captured by probes throughout the years. It goes all the way back to February of 1974, when the Mariner 10 snapped a shot of milky white Venus, and includes everything from Halley's Comet to the moons of Jupiter to asteroids orbiting the Sun. It’s a fitting way to tour the galaxy and stare in awe at all NASA has brought back to us here on Earth.

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