This is the Treehouse You Wish You Had as a Kid

Rebecca OConnell
Elizabeth Felicella
Elizabeth Felicella / Elizabeth Felicella

Treehouses are much better on television or in our imagination. In reality, they're often just airborne wooden boxes filled with dust and spiders. But not this incredible playhouse: Instead of spiders, there's a mahogany writing desk. In place of shoddy carpentry, there is a view of the countryside.

Designed by Sharon Davis Design, this very cool fort can be found on an old farmstead in Garrison, N.Y. The treehouse (although not technically in a tree, it's elevated like one) is roughly 350 square feet and has two floors for children to move around on. To get inside, visitors must climb a rope netting and enter via a trap door. Once inside, the child has the option to climb a ladder to the crow's nest, or lounge in the rope netting. A metal slide connects the two floors together for easy movement.

Up top on the crow's nest, there's a mahogany writing desk for jotting down important memos. When visitors have had their fill, there's a fire pole available for easy departure.

Photos via Elizabeth Felicella

[h/t: DesignMilk]