Pod City: Need a New Podcast Addiction? Here are 8 to Try

istock / istock

A few new podcasts have landed on my radar in the last week or two, so today I’m sharing the best of the bunch. Head to the Pod City archive for many more recommendations, or suggest your own via Twitter and/or the comments. 

In no particular order:

1. The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller

Stoller may not be a household name, but his face has popped up on Seinfeld, Friends, and loads of other TV shows. On his funny and insightful new podcast, Stoller interviews other “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”-type performers with stellar, little-known tales to tell.

2. Magic Lessons

In this new podcast, best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) talks to folks dealing with creative challenges and consults experts for the answers. In the first episode, we hear from a woman who wants to become a full-time writer. In the next installment, Gilbert takes the listener’s issue to an expert: author Cheryl Strayed

3. Intersection

I’m curious about this podcast from Jamil Smith, senior editor at The New Republic. The show, which premieres July 28, will focus on issues surrounding race, gender, and identity. Head here or to iTunes to subscribe and hear a trailer. 

4. Road Trip with WNYC

This is more of a playlist than a podcast, but I dig the concept: Subscribe, and you’ll get a sampler of some of WNYC’s best stories and shows. Episodes include gems from several of my favorite podcasts, like Radiolab and On the Media

5. The Modern Musician Show with Colin Thomson

How should performers use Instagram? How does one write music for video games? Thomson has a knack for exploring complex topics faced by today’s musicians. Guests include teachers, composers, and other folks who definitely know what they’re talking about.

6. Rectify: The Case Against Daniel Holden

I’m a huge fan of the Sundance drama Rectify, which follows a man released from prison after spending 18 years on death row. This podcast, a parody of Serial, cleverly summarizes the first two seasons and should appeal to new viewers as well as established fans. 

7. Richard’s Famous Food Podcast

There’s no shortage of food podcasts right now, but I think this one rises to the top. Hosted by food lover Richard Parks, RFFP entertains and informs—and, on top of that, it’s beautifully produced. I was hooked after the first ep about bone broth, and I do adore its logo (a mustached pickle at the mic). 

8. Doughboys

The concept: Two dudes review chain restaurants. The execution: Funny, smart, a little weird. What they’ve tackled so far: Chili’s, IHOP, Long John Silver’s, and a few more purveyors of greasy grub.