The Most Relatively Popular Song in 1000 Cities Across The Globe

Hannah Keyser

Bored with the Top 40 here in the U.S. or whatever plays on your local radio station? Take a virtual tour of what's hot in Lima, Peru; Wellington, New Zealand; Athens, Greece; or nearly 1000 other cities with this new, interactive map from Spotify, which lets you browse playlists by the comparative popularity around the world.

The playlists for each city represent the most uniquely popular songs. Spotify broke down 20 billion streams based on where people were listening (not just where they pay or signed up) to find out what tracks were the most popular in each city, then compared those numbers to songs' overall global popularity to determine a list of "distinctive" songs of each location, as Spotify data analyst Eliot Van Buskirk told Quartz.

The map isn't static; the streaming system will update the results every two weeks so you can check back for new finds all the time and stay abreast of world-wide musical trends.