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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Young Superhero Helps Rescue Baby

John and Caroline Penny of Uckfield, East Sussex, UK, were on a shopping trip to the local Tesco on Tuesday when they locked the keys in their car. Their one-year-old granddaughter Iris was in the backseat! Police attempted to break in, but could only break the back window of the Volkswagen Beetle. No one could fit through the small window, and they could not reach the keys from the rear. That’s when Batman showed up. Five-year-old Zavi Ahmed, who was dressed in his Batman costume, walked by with his little brother, who was dressed as Superman. Zavi was small enough to crawl through the broken back window, retrieve the keys, and open the door. Iris was in the parked car for less than an hour, and is alright.


A truck crash on I-5 near Bellingham, Washington, required a hazmat team for the cleanup. The truck spilled its cargo, which was portable toilets. They were not empty. The hazmat team came and [umped away about 20 gallons of hazardous material. WSDOT Tweeted

SB I-5 constipated south of Bellingham. 5-mile backup from Lake Samish to just south of Fairhaven. #pottypocalypse

No one was hurt in the accident.

Sneaky Bear Breaks Into Pie Shop, Has A Feast

Owners of the Colorado Cherry Company in Pinewood Springs got to work on Tuesday morning to find their shop had been broken into. The culprit was not caught by the shop’s surveillance cameras, but by the claw marks it left behind, the perpetrator is assumed to be a bear. A hungry bear. The animal had devoured 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies. However, he left the frozen pies alone, and did not touch the strawberry-rhubarb pies. The bear has taste.

Artist Left Hanging Naked

Norwegian artist Hilde Krohn Huse videotaped a piece of performance art that caught more than what was intended. Kruse went into the woods near Aukra in Norway and recorded herself hanging naked from a rope tied to a tree. However, at the end of the performance, she could not free herself from the rope. The video ran out, and she was still hanging, alone, calling for help. A friend finally arrived, after Kruse had been hanging for three and a half hours. The resulting video is not as Kruse had planned, but it was selected to be exhibited in the Bloomberg New Contemporary exhibition. The finished product is at vimeo.

In the film ‘Hanging in the Woods’ the viewer can witness the breakdown between performance and reality as the indented performance goes wrong and the performer is stuck hanging from the tree without being able to free herself or any visible means of help or escape.

The video contains nudity.

Darth Vader Leads Procession for Costume-Themed Funeral

Lorna Johnson of Luton, Hertfordshire, UK, loved Halloween and loved dressing up in costumes. When the 56-year-old died of cancer, her loved ones dressed up for her funeral -in pop culture costumes. Johnson’s children dressed as the Tasmanian Devil and two witches. A friend wore a Beetlejuice costume. And funeral director Brett Houghton led the funeral procession and the service dressed as Darth Vader. After the service, there was a party. Johnson’s son said it was just as she’s have wanted. 

Fish Rescued from Food Court

The Graham Center at Florida International University has an aquarium in its food court. Or it did until Thursday. The 430-gallon tank broke at about 9AM, flooding the center with salt water. Students and employees rushed to save the fish.  

“I understand the people who were in the building came to help [the fish],” Santana-Bravo said. “My understanding is that most of the fish were saved.” The fish were put in a different tank elsewhere. According to Santana-Bravo, the fish were in shock and had not come out from under a piece of coral in that tank.

University officials do not yet know whether the student center fish tank will be replaced.