Designer Imagines a Nintendo Phone

Rebecca OConnell

Designer Pierre Cerveau has created a mockup of the phone we didn't know we needed. Dubbed the Smart Boy, this imaginary smartphone would be able to make calls and play all your favorite games. 

The delightful design combines the sleek Android look with the retro aesthetic of the Game Boy. The device has two modes: Regular mode, and the power-saving "8-bit mode." Switching the phone to 8-bit would not only save battery life, but also make the screen nostalgically pixelated.

To play games, the hypothetical user would attach the Game Bat. The attachment has the iconic buttons and a battery pack to prevent the games from draining your battery. Game cartridges would be slipped into the top, similar to Google's module device Project Ara

The creation was completed around the same time as Nintendo programmer and CEO Satoru Iwata's passing, so Cerveau paid his respects by incorporating Iwata's likeness into the mockup.