Unconscious Cat Revived With a Specially Designed Oxygen Mask

Rebecca OConnell
Mary Ann Cardinale, Facebook
Mary Ann Cardinale, Facebook / Mary Ann Cardinale, Facebook

After a small kitchen fire broke out in a home in New Orleans, three cats were evacuated from the premises. But the fourth, an orange tabby, was found seemingly lifeless in the hallway.

Luckily, the New Orleans Fire Department had a special oxygen mask on hand made just for small animals. The singed feline was revived in minutes and lived to chase mice another day. “I guess he has eight more lives," New Orleans firefighter Doug Cardinale told reporters.

Animal oxygen masks come in many different sizes, and are used differently for different animals. As seen above, cats wear the mask like a space helmet, but larger dogs can wear it just over their snouts. Oxygen is then provided through a hand pump. 

[h/t: LaughingSquid.com]